For now, it’s BUSINESS AS USUAL here at the Little River Inn Motel! Well, not quite, because we’ve stepped up our game to help keep everyone safe.

Here’s what we’re doing:


We have always used a hospital-grade disinfectant to clean commonly used items in the rooms (phones, remotes, flat surfaces, bathrooms).

We’re giving extra attention to:

  • Doorknobs, drawer pulls, lamp switches, light switches, room keys, etc.
  • For checkouts, we air the rooms thoroughly. Studies show fresh air ventilation to be quite effective in cleaning the air.
  • After airing and cleaning the rooms, we are also using ozone air purification. Past studies show ozone air treatment to almost instantaneously kill bacteria and viruses, and current studies show promise in killing COVID-19.
  • Wearing gloves and washing our hands more than ever! 😊


  • The lobby area is disinfected regularly as guests come and go. Again, we target commonly uses items for disinfection (coffee pots, condiment containers, sink, doorknobs, etc.)
  • Front desk staff disinfect office equipment, pens, counter, etc. with each break between guests.
  • We are keeping a “safe distance” of about 6 feet between people as much as possible. We do this out of respect for everyone, and we hope you will still feel that the environment is friendly and comfortable here.


  • We wash our hands a lot!
  • We disinfect our phones and personal items while at work.
  • We disinfect our own cleaning supplies and work areas.
  • We maintain a safe distance while communicating with each other.
  • We keep smiling!


  • We are required to keep your credit card number on file until after you check out, but we handle your card as little as possible.
  • For true contactless pay, click on CHECK AVAILABILITY to reserve your room. We can have your receipt ready for you when you check in.
  • If reserving online is not an option for you, please call! We can process your room payment over the phone, and we’ll have your receipt ready for you.
  • If you have a card that allows you to tap the terminal, that is an option, as long as your card is already on file.


Just call us! We understand that current circumstances are constantly changing how we able to do things. We look forward to seeing you when it works out for you!